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Personal Health Records

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Personal Health Records (PHRs) are repositories, or databases, designed to hold the personal health information of one individual. They range from a simple spreadsheet that you can build yourself, all the way to hundred-million-dollar systems built by the largest companies, that connect doctors to patients to insurers to hospitals.

There are large differences in:

Ease of use
Risk of privacy loss
Connectivity with other systems (e.g., doctors, hospitals or insurers)
The ability of the system to automatically warn you of something (like 2 drugs that interact poorly)
Who else can access your record (No one? Any doctor in the system?)

We believe you should definitely have the ability to store, access and bring your information with you. The level of complexity you are comfortable with, and the amount of privacy you want are all highly personal decisions. There is probably an online Personal Health Record that is the right level of complexity for you.

The resources below are designed to help with these considerations:

1) Wikipedia entry:

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2) HHS Definition:

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3) Blue Cross Blue Shield Educational Brochure:

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4) HealthIT.gov Informational Website:

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5) Report Finds More Flaws in Digitizing Patient Files:

The New York Times, January 8, 2014

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6) WebMD:

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7) MediPilot® (disclosure- this is our health record)

link to website:


1) myPHR blog:

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2) KevinMD:

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