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Information on and About Doctors

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As more and more information is made available about doctors and hospitals, we are no longer dependent on the opinion of one doctor to recommend us to others.

We recommend you use this information as follows:

First, use the insurer websites to locate a doctor in your area and who accepts your insurance.

Once you have a doctor in mind, use a website like the NIH database, HealthGrades or Castle Connolly to do some basic background research on the doctor, and find out how they are “rated” (note- these ratings are not foolproof).

Finally, use the Doctor Disciplinary Search database or the New York Times medical payments database to see whether the physician is under scrutiny or in trouble. Again, do not take this as the final word- just because a doctor was paid a consulting fee by a pharmaceutical company does not mean they have done anything wrong or that they are not a fine physician. But know, and ask.

1) NIH webpage- Information about Physicians:

link to website:

2) Castle Connolly Top Doctors

Link to Website

3) Doctor Disciplinary Search:

Link to Website:

4) Healthgrades:

Link to website:

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Key Articles:

1) Sliver of Medicare Doctors Get Big Share of Payouts

The New York Times, April 9, 2014

Link to article:


Link to database:

2) Medical Conflicts of Interest are dangerous

The Wall Street Journal, April 24, 2013

Link to article:

3) 40 states get an “F” on access to doctor information

Forbes, December 6, 2014

Link to article:

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Insurance Company Resources:

Note: You do not need to have an insurance policy to use these resources. The insurance companies want you to see who is in the netwoprk before you sign up.

1) Aetna Doctor/ Hospital Finder:

Link to resource:

2) CIGNA Doctor/ Hospital Finder:

Link to resource:

3) United Health Care Doctor/ Hospital Finder:

Link to article:

4) Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Doctor/ Hospital Finder:

Link to article:


1) The CMS Blog:

Link to Blog:

2) Musing of a Dinosaur:

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