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MediPilot® Digital Shoebox- The storage alternative for your health records.

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What can you do with Digital Shoebox storage and why do you need it?

In today's world, we collect many snippets and fragments of digitized health information:

  • X-ray and imaging centers now give you a CD with your images on it.

  • The health portals of hospitals and insurance companies allow you to export and download data.

  • Lab results are available as either PDF files or html files.

  • Personal devices, such as diabetes monitors, allow you to export data.

  • Where do we keep it all? And how do we access it when we need it?

    This is one major intent and purpose of Personal Health Records. What we are finding, however, is the Personal Health Records and Patient Portals of large hospital and insurance company systems are too complicated or too burdensome to use. As a result, very few people use them!

    We need a way to store such information- just like we use a shoebox for our tax records until tax time rolls around. Except online.

    Some of the advantages of Digital Shoebox storage are:

  • Digital Shoebox storage is simple and easy to use.

  • It does not interconnect with other systems (increasing your privacy).

  • Nobody has access to your record but you.

  • Secure and HIPAA compliant, Digital Shoebox storage is as simple as tossing your health records in a shoebox until you need them!

    To sign up for MediPilot® Digital Shoebox storage, click here!

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