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Health Care Calculators

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Many of the simpler measurements we need to monitor and understand our own health are readily available to us, without the need to visit a doctor, in the form of online calculators. A well known example is the BMI, or Body Mass Index calculator.

One of the best ways to increase your level of independence is to do that measurement yourself! After all, most of us have been weighing ourselves on our bathroom scales for years. No doctor needed. Same principle.

Please note: We are not discouraging you from visiting your doctor! Just encouraging you to seek independence in all things.

1) University of Maryland Webpage:

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2) Wake Forest Website:

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3) Healthstatus.com:

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note- these blogs are about eligibility and coverage costs more that the widgets that help you calculate BMI.

1) Turbo Tax Health Eligibility Calculator:

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2) Miami Herald Florida Health Watch blog (some good links here):

Link to Blog:

3) 1040.com blog:

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