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Patient Access to Information About Themselves

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Have you ever tried to get a copy of your entire record from your physician? Many will outright refuse to give it to you. Even if you pay for the photocopying and the materials (X-rays are not cheap), many will still drag their feet. Information truly is power- and potential revenues.

But the laws are changing. Not only do you have a right to information about yourself, but you can in some cases go directly to the source, such as the lab that performed the tests.

Be informed! And remember, the first step to becoming independent is understanding your own personal situation.

1) New rule Grants Patients Direct Access to Lab Results

The Wall Street Journal, February 4, 2014

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HHS Announcement:

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As published in the Federal Register:

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2) AHIMA Website (American Health Information Management Association):

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3) HHS Privacy Webpage (Includes links to HIPAA regulations):

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1) Project Health Design Blog:

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2) HealthIT Buzz:

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