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"Rules" for using the Forum:

Recommended conduct is as follows:

The rules are simple- common courtesy applies. Readers are asked to refrain from being rude or hostile. The system is able to limit extreme profanity, and users are asked to participate and comment using the same conduct that they might use among friends.

We do want a lively debate, so strong opinions are encouraged. We do believe though, that strong opinions can be expressed without hostility, rudeness or profanity.

Forum moderation.

Forum topics can be created and commented on without moderation. However, if a topic or comments are clearly inappropriate, such as entries that are hateful, profane, or encouraging illegal activity, the entire discussion thread or individual comments can be removed by the Forum administrator.

About Health Tactics' Discussion Forum:

The Health Tactics Forum is for users to initiate their own topics and comment on topics initiated by others. Users can view the forum comments without registering, but to post a comment, users are required to register.

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