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What is Health Tactics?

Health Tactics is a website dedicated to self-sufficiency in managing our own health and the health of those we love. We do not advocate avoiding or disengaging from one’s doctor or hospital. Rather, we believe that one should be well informed and well prepared when dealing with the health care system. Those who are well informed and well prepared generally have a much better experience.

More about Health Tactics

To help consumers on the path to self sufficiency, we provide a number of resources:

  • Helpful links to research organizations, news organizations and health care foundations where there is plenty of helpful, free information. Examples include the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Kaiser Family Foundation and articles published by The New York Times and/or CNN.
  • A discussion forum, where users can start or participate in online discussions relevant to specific health care conditions or health care policy. This allows users to connect with each other and to learn from each other.
  • A secure, private Personal Health Record, where users can enter and track their own conditions, visits, medications, allergies etc.
  • A Blog, where users can read and comment on blog posts, and participate in brief, health care related polls.
  • A Store section, with links to health related products and services.

  • All of the above features are FREE, with the exception, of course, of products purchased through the store section of the site. Moreover, any ads are confined to the store or blog sections of the site. There will be no advertising at all on the MediPilot personal health record site. Your information is not tracked, shared or sold in any way.

    We do recognize, however, that people sometimes have a need or desire to purchase health related products and services. To address this need, we have a section called store, which contains links to websites where these products and services can be purchased.
    We believe that if we provide consistent, high quality, free value to our users, we hope that when you have a need for a purchased product or service, that you will consider visiting our store.

    More about our store:

    We will only post links from reputable, known organizations. Health Tactics does have a financial interest in these links, known as affiliate links. The way these work is as follows: If you click our link to an online bookstore (for example) to purchase a health related book, we would receive a small percentage of that sale. Similar affiliate programs exist for a broad range of products.

    Health Tactics will continually add features and capabilities to our site that our users find the most helpful in managing their health.

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