Who owns patient data?

When we visit a doctor, hospital or pharmacy, lots of data is generated:

  • X-rays
  • Lab tests
  • Prescription information
  • Physician notes

That information is exchanged among physicians, hospitals, pharmacists and insurers, all to assist in the care of the patient and to support the billing and payment system.

Yet, there is potential to mis-use this information:

  • Data mining to target potential customers
  • Data used for coverage decisions
  • Data used for research purposes

And further, when a patient moves or simply wants to maintain their own files or health record, they frequently encounter resistance from the doctor or hospital when requesting copies of their record or tests:

  • fees
  • outright refusal
  • “The HIPAA law won’t let me give it to you”

So who owns patient data?

What do you think?

Who owns the data that is generated when an individual visits the doctor, hospital or pharmacy. Check all that apply.

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